Procore + Microsoft SharePoint:

File Sync Comparison Chart

To learn more about each product and what they offer, we broke down each file sync service based on key collaboration features, such as 2-way sync, unlimited users, security, unlimited files, and more. The following sections will help you understand how these different solutions work, what they offer, and which might be right for your organization.

Note: We respect and admire all these competitors and Procore Partners. Each tool has its strengths and should be given consideration. We focus specifically on Procore to Microsoft connections. But many of these offer other connections you may find beneficial.

Comparison Summaries

We will attempt to summarize the main capabilities of each alternative Procore SharePoint Document Sync tool.

HingePoint ProConnector

The only real-time, 2-way, event-driven architecture. Unlimited files, unlimited users, and we don’t store any of your documents or data—transparent pricing. Unlimited support.

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Egnyte syncs files hourly from Procore to Egnyte, not SharePoint. It can sync to SharePoint in a 3rd Connection to Egnyte, but they won’t sync to Procore. They store your files, charge you per user, charge for data storage, and limit your sync to 10,000. The sync is Batch and crawls on long delays of 10 or more hours.

Sync EZY

SyncEzy is a global integration company that provides off-the-shelf integrations between different apps.  SyncEzy offers a two-way sync between Procore’s Project Documents, Photos, and RFIs tools to the customer’s location of choice within SharePoint, Teams Channels, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox with real-time two-way syncing. 

Recommendation – useful for syncing many applications and has a global presence.


ODrive doesn’t sync to SharePoint or Procore. It is a desktop viewer of your files, with a named user security model, not with Developer Managed Service Accounts. A freemium pricing tier makes you think it is free, but when you view your file, it stores a copy of your data, and you have to buy a full license to get your files. The cost per user is expensive for the paid version.

Recommendation – useful if you want to see all your documents from many different systems in one interface.

360 Sync

360 Sync allows for connections to many applications. However, you must set up batch jobs to run the sync at specified times. The security is on the user level, so you log in to all systems with your personal username and password, which is not a secure enterprise integration. It is more of a personal tool than and true integration.

Recommendation – good for document managers to sync batches of files to or from Procore. Applied Software also has many other useful products for construction.

Procore Drive

The good Procore Desktop App helps you upload/download files from the Procore cloud to your Laptop/Desktop. But it isn’t integrated with SharePoint or M365.

Recommendation – use if you have a lot of documents on your desktop and prefer working in Windows.

Procore Sync

A desktop drive mapping tool between Windows and Procore. An outdated security model requires all users to be Administrators on Procore. It is being sunset by Procore in Sept 2022 for obvious reasons, it doesn’t even meet Procores integration requirements, and it is no better than the Procore desktop App.

Recommendation – do not use. Just use the Procore native functionality of the Procore mobile app.


This is a file transfer tool with many good integration connection options. But it is not a 2-way, real-time sync that keeps both systems up to date. It is designed for migrations.

Recommendation – use this when migrating 1-time file transfers, such as moving all your files from different tools and consolidating them in Procore.

Get a 30-day money back guarantee when you subscribe today.

Work Faster, Smarter, & More Efficiently

Take the frustration out of sharing files and updating documents. Streamline the way you interact across departments. HingePoint ProConnector’s Procore and Microsoft file sync solutions provide your team with:

  • Real-time 2-way file sync
  • Unlimited files
  • Unlimited users
  • Secure admin and member roles

All without keeping copies of your files.

Sharepoint To Procore Integration

Procore + SharePoint 2-Way Sync Integration Services

This solution is a suite of web services hosted on Azure. It will keep a real-time synchronization between mapping 1 Procore project document module to 1 SharePoint project document library.

Procore Microsoft Teams Sync

Procore + Microsoft Teams 2-Way File Sync Integration

This solution is a suite of web services hosted on Azure. It will keep a real-time synchronization between mapping 1 Procore project document module to 1 MS Teams project document library.

Support & Documentation

How To Use Your Transparent File Sync Solution

HingePoint ProConnector is unique because we offer transparent documentation for every feature in our secure SaaS platform. We will train and onboard your administrators through the easy setup process.
We can help you get connections set up in 30 seconds or less! See how easy it is here by visiting our support portal.
In our knowledge portal learn how to:
  • Set up an integration to PRocore and SharePoint
  • Map project connections
  • Start and stop synchronizing
  • Analytics on how many files are synced
  • Automated health checks
  • User friendly reports

Commonly Asked Questions

How should their SharePoint be set up?

We recommend 1 SharePoint team site per project to get a clean 1 Project in SharePoint to 1 Project in Procore architecture. This also gives 1 api connection per project and that maximizes Microsoft throttling. However, you can have 1 SharePoint Library per project or even just 1 Folder per Project in the same library and site.

How do we add connections if we need more?

Call or email us and we will increase the number of connections you get and adjust your billing to your next volume discount.

If you have access in Procore, do you have access in SharePoint?

No access to Procore and sharePoint is determined by your company and what user accounts you grant access to in SharePoint or Procore. Our system just syncs the documents between both systems.

Does it only sync the root level?

No, you can configure it to sync any level in the folder tree.

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