HingePoint limitations vs Egnyte limitations

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As a large business, it's essential to find tools and software that make processes more manageable and work for you, not against you. Finding the right software and APIs to manage, secure, and sync your organization's files between Procore and SharePoint can drastically improve a business's operations and make file sharing a breeze.

If you want a competent File Sharing Software product for your organization, it's essential to do your research and take the time to evaluate the available solutions. To make things even easier, we're sharing our breakdown of HingePoint vs. Egnyte to help you make the right decision for your organization.

Our comparison outline can help you see the records management limitations of each program and decide which one suits your requirements better. Of course, beyond the main features, a simple and intuitive solution is always the best option.

Integration Limitations for Egnyte vs. HingePoint

Taking care of your clients means taking care of their data, too. You need a solution that digitizes workflows and enables effortless collaboration while protecting your clients' data and information. What solution is right for you, and what integration limitations should you consider? Learn more about Egnyte and HingePoint, two file-sync software solutions that you may want to consider.

Egnyte limitations

Egnyte may seem like a great option for some businesses when you view their benefits, but the limitations of Egnyte software are where you'll want to consider what makes sense.

  • Folder and files with unsupported character types in Egnyte will not be synced between the two systems - this means data input must be accurate and exact.
  • Procore projects and Egnyte folders can only be synced to one folder.
  • Subfolders of a Folder that is synced can't be synced to another Project.
  • 10,000 file limit for syncing per Project.
  • 100 Projects can be synced at one time.
  • Currently, sync between the two platforms happens every hour.
  • Egnyte sync from Procore to Egnyte. It does not sync from Procore to SharePoint.

HingePoint limitations

HingePoint is a wonderful option for businesses needing direct folder synchronization between SharePoint and Procore. What limitations does HingePoint offer?

  • HingePoint maps 1 SharePoint Root folder to 1 Procore documents module or 1 SharePoint Folder to 1 Procore Documents Folder - this can be a challenge for those wanting to sync 1 Folder in SharePoint to 1 Folder in Procore, and for the same project, sync 2nd Folder in SharePoint to a 2nd Folder. Basically, HingePoint syncs the entire branch of the folder tree you select. You can't pick and choose which subfolders of the branch to sync.

While this is the main limitation of HingePoint, it also offers features that address Egnyte's limitations:

  • Folders and files with unsupported character types are no match for HingePoint. Certain Ascii characters that are not allowed in Microsoft or URLs (!@#$%^&*/ characters) get removed and synced.
  • Our service will index all the files in both systems and keep them in Sync without any limits. Our test cases include syncing jobs of 100,000 files. We had a client sync 250,000 files! This process can take longer due to throttling issues on Procore, SharePoint, and the HingePoint platform.
  • HingePoint can sync as many projects as you buy connections. HingePoint has 1000's of connections syncing with over 4.8 Million files as of August 2022.
  • Sync between the two platforms is real-time based on Webhooks in Procore and Event triggers in SharePoint when you create, edit, or delete a folder or file. These events trigger, and HingePoint mirrors that event in real-time, so your entire team stays up to date every second.

Finding The Right Fit For You

We always recommend choosing the solution that brings your organization the most value without being overly complicated to use. With over 15 years of experience with SharePoint and over 200 happy companies implementing SharePoint solutions, the team at HingePoint is ready to help you, too.

Our unique process ensures that you get a solution that works for you. We are the only company in the industry that dares to offer a performance guarantee. Don't believe us? Let our products and services speak for themselves.