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A Suite Of Enterprise-Grade SharePoint Document Web Services On Azure

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Functionality Included

With the SharePoint Suite of Integration Services by HingePoint you can:

  • Securely sync Documents from SharePoint and Procore in real time.
  • Migrate your documents project documents from SharePoint to Procore for rapid on-boarding.
  • Back up Procore Documents to SharePoint for safe keeping.
  • Leverages Office365 so it also works on Desktop, Browser, and Mobile documents.
  • Save Documents from Explorer, OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams and they will sync with Procore.
  • Login to only 1 place to save files either a) Procore or b) SharePoint

The Connection Process

  1. Tell us how many projects in Procore need to be integrated to SharePoint
  2. We will install the integration in Office365 and Procore for you
  3. We will map 1 Procore project document module to 1 SharePoint Group
  4. We activate and test the sync for you
  5. Then you are Live!
  6. Document Folders, Files and Meta Data will begin to be mirrored in real-time for the duration of the project
  7. Archive a project and deactivate the integration so you can use the same license for the next project

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out.

Problem It Solves

Some users are in SharePoint, and some users are in Procore. And they don’t want to log in to 2 places. So they can use their tool of choice and be confident all the information and documents are available to both sets of users in MS Teams and Procore.

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