HingePoint Announces the Launch of HingePoint ProConnector 

HingePoint-ProConnector is the ideal Procore Sync solution

With the discontinuation of Procore Sync, a new solution comes to light.

HingePoint, the largest Procore integration partner, has announced the release of HingePoint ProConnector, a new Procore file sync solution now available on the market. The service provides transparent documentation with reasonable pricing based on the number of projects instead of users.

Procore, a leading provider of cloud-based construction management software solutions and services, has announced that it is ending support for its Procore Sync application as of September 30, 2022. The company has cited the increasing demands of customers, increased complexity in document syncing processes, and the rising costs of maintaining the Procore Sync app as factors in the decision.

HingePoint has launched “HingePoint ProConnector,” a Procore file sync solution for the construction industry. ProConnector is a yearly subscription-based service for file sync for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. The  file sync products offer real-time 2-way file sync for an unlimited number of files. Administrative and member roles are provided within the secure SaaS platform of the service. This makes project processes more accurate and efficient, with features such as automated health checks and user-friendly reports.

The enterprise-grade services allows users to sync over 6M files a day. This Procore File Sync solution, hosted on Azure, enables mapping between one Procore project file to one MS Teams project document library. With quick and easy setup, digital information from Microsoft Teams can easily be synced with Procore for fast onboarding.

Through HingePoint ProConnector, documents from MS Teams can be migrated and backed up to Procore for safekeeping and vice versa. This option also allows users to log in to only one place for file access.

HingePoint ProConnector allows users to synchronize their Procore data with Microsoft Teams. This application provides a highly secure environment for authorized users to share and view project information without altering the rights of any user or group.

HingePoint ProConnector also provides its users with unlimited support. Like its MS Teams counterpart, this service is also hosted on Azure. Documents stored in SharePoint can easily be synced with and stored in Procore for seamless Office 365 functionality.

With ProConnector, companies can now easily leverage Office365 on desktop, browser, and mobile and manage the workflow of teams working on Procore and SharePoint. Real-time file syncing ensures that documents in one system are accurately mirrored in the other.

HingePoint ProConnector also offers file sync support and training to integrate the service into customers’ systems smoothly. 

Customers can access the services provided by HingePoint ProConnector through the Procore Marketplace or by visiting https://proconnector.hingepoint.com/.