SharePoint Procore Integration Live Demo Video

Watch a live demonstration of how the Procore-SharePoint 2 Way Document Sync connector works. Many people love Procore for field construction management and many companies standardize their collaboration and document management on Microsoft SharePoint.

The Problem with Teams Working with both Tools -  SharePoint and Procore

Where do you keep your documents? Some teams use Procore and some use SharePoint. Now you can integrate the teams together by keeping one set of documents synchronized between both Procore and SharePoint with a connector created by Dallas consulting firm HingePoint.

The Solution: Procore - SharePoint 2-Way Document Synch Connector and API Integration

Watch the video demo that shows you in real team exactly how fast the synchronization between Procore and SharePoint works.

The Demo Shows You How:

  1. Upload a file to SharePoint
  2. See the file synch in real time to Procore
  3. Upload a file to Procore
  4. See the file update in real time on SharePoint
  5. Rename a file on SharePoint
  6. It renames the file on Procore
  7. It updates the version number and meta data of the file after any action
  8. Rename a folder on Procore or SharePoint and it updates in both systems
  9. Delete a file from either SharePoint or Procore and it is deleted in both systems

Note - You can't loose any data! All tracing and tracking of changes takes place in both Procore and SharePoint. Any deleted files are in the Recycle Bin of both Procore and SharePoint

This is a great solution for:

  1. Data migration - to move data between platforms
  2. Back ups - back up a copy of all files on SharePoint from Procore
  3. Integrate 2 teams that use both platforms, and know you always have the latest version of all documents

We can also help you with integrating other software into Procore.

See the SharePoint/Procore Sync in the Procore Marketplace.

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