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01. Support

Training and How to Guides:

Everything you need to know how to use the Management Portal. Click above to download our Users Manuals for:

  • How to Set Up Integration Credentials
    • Procore Service Accounts
    • SharePoint Document File Sync Services
    • MS Teams File Sync Services
  • Portal Administrators
    • Set up new Users
    • Set up new Integrations
    • Set up new Projects
    • Edit Connections
    • Track and Monitor File Sync Analytics
  • End Users
    • Set up new Projects
    • Set up new Connections
      • Procore Connections
      • SharePoint Connections
      • MS Teams Connections
      • Windows Server and VM Connections
      • Start/Stop, Edit, Delete - connections


Technical Issues
Do you have technical issues with a specific Integration, Project, or Connection? Let us know. We will:

  1. Get back to you within 24 hours
  2. Do root cause analysis of the issue
  3. Teach you how to resolve it

Email and tell us:

    1. Your name
    2. Your company Name in the File Sync Portal
    3. The Project or Integration
    4. Detailed description of the issue: exactly what file/folder, the behavior, any screen shots of the settings in the Admin panels in SharePoint, Procore, Windows
    5. What your hypothesis is for the problem
    6. File size, type, and how it was created, updated, or deleted
      • Priority
      • 1. Urgent – The sync is down or offline on a critical business problem.
      • 2. High – The sync works, but has specific problems we need addressed very soon.
      • 3. Medium - The Sync works, but specific problems need to be address in the near future, we have a work around for now.
      • 4. Low - The sync works, but it has a problem HingePoint needs to address.

These can be suggestions, new features, feedback, and recommendations.

Note: we have a backlog of many great product features. Let us know what new ideas you think would make things easier or could help your firm increase the value of the sync tools.