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02. View Project


Step 1: Click on Home from the left navigation bar.
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Step 2: Click on the name of the project in the projects table for the project that needs to be viewed.
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Step 3:Project Details Screen is displayed.
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Step 4:The Sync Status Field indicates the status of the connection.

  1. Started: Turns green when the user clicks on start to start the sync.
  2. In-Progress: Turns green when the connection is being established.
  3. Completed: Turns green when the connection is successfully established.
  4. SharePoint Set: Turns green when SharePoint Sync path is successfully connected.
  5. Procore Set: Turns green when Procore Sync path is successfully connected.
  6. Windows Set: Turns green when Windows Sync path is successfully connected.
  7. Sync Active: Turns green when the sync is in active.

If any of the above step fails, then the status for the particular process will turn red.
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Step 5:Throttle section indicate the following

  1. Connection Id: displays the connection id of the connection.
  2. Is Throttled? : Indicates weather the connection is being throttled
  3. Total Throttle over lifetime: Indicates how many times the connection was throttled while syncing
  4. Time Throttle Reset: indicates when time when the throttle limit is reset.
  5. Remaining limit: displays the remaining limit of the throttle.
  6. API Rate limit: displays the number of API calls which can be made.

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