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02. Security


1. Administration Console, where end users login to set up connection, is secured with Multi-Tenant OAuth capabilities found here:
2. Admin Console Alternative – if we don’t have Multi-tenant set up, we can add users to the Admin Account using OAuth2.0:
3. User Credentials are not stored on our SaaS platform, but come from our customers Active Directory account authorization
4. SharePoint Security – our clients can generate a Client ID and Client Secret using these instructions to connect our services to your SharePoint tenant.
5. Procore Security – our Procore connections use the Procore Standard OAuth methods described here: Using Service Accounts we generate the Client ID and Client Secret that we pass to the APIs
6. Windows Service Security – to connect to a Windows File Server or VM we install a listening service on the server that allows us to communicate with the systems file access. That agent is secured with: SSL protocol for communication with SaaS Platform and Unique Identification Key for each deployed service.

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