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09. System Health and Outage


Issue = Files from Procore is failing to sync to SharePoint for all customer accounts.

Impact = Live sync not working for add, update, and delete actions from Procore to SharePoint. However, files are syncing from SharePoint to Procore.

Root Cause ==> Procore webhooks are failing to trigger an event to our platform on add, update, and delete actions.

Next action items ==>We have escalated this as a high priority and a high-severity issue with the Procore Support team. After the outage from Procore on October 16th, 2023, Procore has made some changes that have had a major impact on our system, causing failures to trigger events on our platform from Procore to SharePoint.

The upload, update, and delete actions are working from SharePoint to Procore, but taking a bit longer than usual to sync to Procore as we are seeing a lot of errors piled up in the queue.

Parallelly, we are running the live sync tests on our test environment and live environment, and we will update this page once we get an update from Procore with their new changes.

We understand this will cause issues with files in Procore not being reflected in SharePoint, and our backend support team is working on designing a remediation that will restore files that were added in Procore but missed in SharePoint.


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