08. System Health and Outage

  Issue = Files from Procore is failing to sync to SharePoint for all customer accounts. Impact = Live sync not working for add, update, and delete actions from Procore to SharePoint. However, files are syncing from SharePoint to Procore. Root Cause ==> Procore webhooks are failing to trigger an event to our platform on […]

05. Throttle Limits

Procore and SharePoint Throttle Procore Throttle Procore API Rate Limit What is the default Procore API Rate Limit? Procore API Rate Limit for throttling defaults to 3600 calls/requests per hour. The Rate limit resets every hour. There are three important response headers returned when making a request to the Procore API. Header Description X Rate […]

04. Procore DMSA Keys Validation

How to update an existing Procore Integration to use the DMSA Marketplace App keys? Step 1: Click on Integrations from the navigation menu Step 2: Click on the Edit link of an existing Procore Integration [which can either have the Traditional service Account keys or the Migrated DMSA keys] Step 3: In the Edit Integration […]

03. Marketplace App Installation

Migrating to Developer Managed Service Accounts Depreciation of Traditional Service Accounts With the deprecation of traditional service accounts and the release of Developer Managed Service Accounts (DMSA), customers currently using the data connection applications that rely on traditional service accounts are required to update their applications that use DMSAs. Third-party developers and integrators will be […]

10. How to do a Health Check for a Connection?

  Step 1: Click on the Home icon from the left navigation bar to navigate to Dashboard page. Step 2:  In the Dashboard page, click on the View link in the Connection Errors KPI card. This will navigate the user to the Connection Report page. Click on the Connection highlighted in yellow indicating an unhealthy connection […]

04. Validate DMSA keys

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  How to validate the DMSA keys for an existing Integration? Navigate to the Sync Tool Application Click on Procore Integrations from the navigation menu In the View Integration page, click on Edit button In the Edit Integration page – Step 1, Procore DMSA Client Key and Procore DMSA Client Secret fields are made editable. […]

File conflict scenarios

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  File conflict scenarios when two users edit the same file simultaneously in SharePoint and Procore Scenarios Actions Expected Result Screenshots Scenario 1 Open the document in SharePoint, Edit, Save and Close it. Open the document in Procore, Edit, Save and Close it. Changes from SharePoint are synced to Procore. Changes from Procore are synced […]

05. Create/Migrate Procore Credentials with Developer Managed Service Accounts 

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  Building a Data Connection App with DMSA Click here for demo video Create a New App Open your browser and navigate to the Procore Developer Portal page (https://developers.procore.com). Click ‘Sign In’ to log in to your Developer Portal account. Click on ‘My Apps’ and click on ‘Create a New App’ In the Create New […]

03. Procore – SharePoint Check In & Check Out Test Cases

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  1. Use Case: Check Out a file in SharePoint and edit the same file in Procore SharePoint and Procore Full sync is complete and the Project is in Active status Create a Word document in SharePoint ==> name it “Use Case 1” OR upload a new Word document with file name “Use Case 1” […]

09. Project Details & Stats

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  Step 1: Click on the Home icon from the left navigation bar to navigate to Dashboard page. Step 2: Click on the Project Name whose status is Active to view the Project Details and Stats. Step 3: The Project Details screen displays the Sync Start, Sync In-Progress, Sync Complete date and time along with Procore Project/Folder and […]